About Our Company

Who we are

Al and Bryan Anderson share three decades of experience in the industry which ensures quality customer service accompanied by extensive product knowledge. They started Fire Power Emergency Apparatus to provide quality equipment and services to the emergency services sector throughout British Columbia.

Our Services

We get to know our customers and genuinely want to provide the best equipment available to make our customers' jobs safe and easier, and that will provide them service for many years to come. We are committed to the fire service industry in British Columbia.


The quotation process is where we get to thoroughly understand what our customers are looking for in building a fire truck and then providing them with the right options available to meet those needs. We want to build a long-standing relationship with all our customers not just through their build process but for years after their new truck has been delivered and commissioned into service.


In the design phase, we will engineer a fire truck to the exact specifications that we quoted you during the quotation phase. Our customers will be able to review the design documents and drawings throughout this phase, they'll be able to ask questions and voice any concerns. We want our customers to be satisfied and confident going into the production phase.


The production phase is where we build your fire truck from the chassis up. We construct the apparatus from aluminum, weld it, paint it, and construct it exactly to the specifications agreed upon in the previous phases. During the production phase our customers can request photographs of their build to see its progress. You can even follow us on our social media channels to see further development images and video.


The delivery phase is the final phase. Customers will have an opportunity to conduct a final inspection on their new fire truck and test out every aspect of their new purchase prior to delivery. We truly want our customers to be satisfied throughout the entire project. Once our customers are satisfied we will arrange for the trucks delivery to your fire department and our sales consultants will be on hand to ensure a successful delivery. Training will also be provided to our customers fire staff on how to operate and care for your new fire truck. It's why people continue to choose Fire Power Emergency Apparatus to build their fire trucks.